About Me

I created “Cardio with Carrots” as a result of my lifestyle change to veganism. The further I delved into veganism through documentaries, books and people the more I was convinced that I was on the correct path in life. A realization came quickly that it was my duty to spread awareness for this lifestyle using my knowledge and talents I have acquired.

Figure CompetitorWith a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, you can say I know my way around the gym. To further the nutrition aspect, I received a Nutritional Therapist certification from The Health Sciences Academy. However, I went even farther in my dedication and commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle by becoming a NPC Figure Competitor. Then, after three years of working on my body for only selfish reasons of looking good enough for a plastic trophy, the stars finally aligned and led me on a more selfless path.

As for the kitchen, my passion for cooking and baking has grown gradually throughout my life. During my off seasons for competing, my creativity in the kitchen always thrived as I was not worried about caloric counts and losing body fat. I would either find fun and new recipes to try out or I would just go into the kitchen and create what I call a “Masha Concoction”. However, it wasn’t until I changed to a plant based diet that my level of creativity and passion for cooking hit a point where I knew it had to be shared.

I personally thank you IMMENSELY for checking out Cardio with Carrots. I hope that by watching you find that a plant based lifestyle is quite delicious and not even remotely difficult or boring. Enjoy the delicious goodies and let your body reap in the health benefits.


On behalf of the planet and the animals…..thank-you-different-languages2