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Spicy Carrot Carnitas

It may be in the middle of April Showers but it is never to early to celebrate CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Mexican or Spanish food is always a winner for dinner in my house. These SPICY CARROT CARNITAS have now added another plant based Mexican dish that I can enjoy on a regular basis. Full of Beta-Carotene Rich Carrots and slow cooked to perfection in an aromatic bath of chipotle peppers and taco seasoning. The citrus rich orange juice adds a sweet but savory flavor to the carrots which is only ... Continue Reading

Crunchy Detox Salad

Once winter officially ends and the warm weather hits my skin...I always feel like a snake. Weird huh? It just feels like I need to refresh and renew and shed my winter skin and I don't mean the extra couple of lbs I put on gobbling up vegan desserts. There are tons of herbal and chemical tonics sold to the public as a "quick fix" detox. Blah!!! That is what I think about those detoxes. Blah Blah. To me....nothing works as well as first adopting a vegan lifestyle and second eating ... Continue Reading