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Baked Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with Strawberry Sauce

An easy dessert, breakfast or dinner wrapped in a convenient handheld package. Creamy sweet Potatoes wrapped in a crispy shell and paired with a strawberry sauce. The combination is strange to say the least but it will be a winner in your book! Revamp the classic cinnamon and nutmeggy sweet potatoes with some agave and almond extract.   The addition of the strawberry sauce completes the dish in a crispy and chewy delight.   Sweet potatoes and strawberries........ Continue Reading

Strawberry & Adzuki Bean Pasta Salad

Do you ever have those days where you are craving something sweet but you know you should have dinner and get all your "nutrients"? Yea..?... Me to! I am a sucker for dessert and anything sweet so I like to switch out a savory dinner for something sweet like oatmeal or pancakes on occasion. Well, that usually doesn't get all my veggies, fruit and protein in so I wanted to create a dish that could satisfy all of the categories. After some deep meditation on the subject....I came up ... Continue Reading

Fruit Lettuce Tacos w/Minty Cashew Cream

I love and respect all seasons....but....Spring and Summer set me off!!! All those wonderful fruits and berries that are in season and booming with vitamins. It is just a vibrant and energy filled time. Aaaah....makes me drool just thinking about a nice warm day a big spoon and a whole watermelon!! With Spring officially in the door...what better way to celebrate than with these Fruit Lettuce Tacos. Can you feel the positive energy and vibrations from the picture. It is ... Continue Reading