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CrisSpi Asian Tofu Sandwich

Crispy and Spicy Crisp n' Spic Cris n' Spi BAM...GOT IT!! CrisSpi!!!!!!!!! Pronounced: Krispai Yes...that was progression of my new term for something Crispy and Spicy. I find that combination to be extremely popular so I figured I can be clever and make an original term for it. No matter what Regina George thinks.....there will be much more "CrisSpi" recipes in Cardio with Carrots future...yeay! My new cool terminology stemmed from this amazing Asian Tofu Sandwich. ... Continue Reading

Asian Carrot and Shitake Mushroom Salad

This partially raw salad is beaming with stunning and simple Asian influences. The aroma of ginger creates ambience of a strong but calming dish. Perfect as a solo meal but can pair well with an entrée. Serve warm or enjoy chilled on a hot summer day. This salad will bring life and nutrition to any season.   Continue Reading