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Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

  In general, chocolate is hard to say no to and these soft and chewy cookies will grab you before you even have a chance to escape. The cookie portion is soft and tender on the inside with a gentle but firm crust. The Coconut Cashew filling finishes off the ensemble with a sweet flavor resembling an Oreo cookie cream. All vegan but without the added preservatives. This "open faced" Oreo cookie will be a hit in your household!   Continue Reading

Chocolate Brownie Crackers

I take my dessert seriously. To be specific...I take my weekend ice cream bowls very seriously. I work out and I eat clean whole plant based food 90% of the time but I treat myself to extravagant desserts on the weekends.  I blend up a big bowl of frozen banana ice cream....(sometimes I add cocoa for chocolate flavor) and I literally....go bananas with toppings. Some of my favorite toppings are chopped dates, peanuts, almond butter, cookies, granola, craisins and cereal......hmmmm. ... Continue Reading

Rum Raisin Cocoa Bites

Does anyone else just need some chocolate in their life like I do? I may cover all my vitamin and mineral needs through a whole food plant based diet but at the end of the week....a girl needs some chocolate!!! I don't understand people that say they are not chocolate lovers....not only is it super delicious...Dark Chocolate is proven to be good for your health. I love experimenting with different chocolate desserts but these bites are always my go to for a quick chocolate craving. ... Continue Reading