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Strawberry & Adzuki Bean Pasta Salad

Do you ever have those days where you are craving something sweet but you know you should have dinner and get all your "nutrients"? Yea..?... Me to! I am a sucker for dessert and anything sweet so I like to switch out a savory dinner for something sweet like oatmeal or pancakes on occasion. Well, that usually doesn't get all my veggies, fruit and protein in so I wanted to create a dish that could satisfy all of the categories. After some deep meditation on the subject....I came up ... Continue Reading

Crunchy Detox Salad

Once winter officially ends and the warm weather hits my skin...I always feel like a snake. Weird huh? It just feels like I need to refresh and renew and shed my winter skin and I don't mean the extra couple of lbs I put on gobbling up vegan desserts. There are tons of herbal and chemical tonics sold to the public as a "quick fix" detox. Blah!!! That is what I think about those detoxes. Blah Blah. To me....nothing works as well as first adopting a vegan lifestyle and second eating ... Continue Reading