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Immune Boosting Salad

Blah... As I child, I was sick often. My immune system was terrible and I basically lived from cold to cold. My family attributed my weakened immune system to the proximity of my place of birth (Minsk, Belarus) to the Chernobyl Power Plant Explosion. No direct radiation poisoning, we assume the affected crops indirectly caused several of my health problems. As a result of my immune system, I have spent the beginning portion of my adult life strengthening it to the levels of wolverine or ... Continue Reading

Fruit Lettuce Tacos w/Minty Cashew Cream

I love and respect all seasons....but....Spring and Summer set me off!!! All those wonderful fruits and berries that are in season and booming with vitamins. It is just a vibrant and energy filled time. Aaaah....makes me drool just thinking about a nice warm day a big spoon and a whole watermelon!! With Spring officially in the door...what better way to celebrate than with these Fruit Lettuce Tacos. Can you feel the positive energy and vibrations from the picture. It is ... Continue Reading