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Baked Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with Strawberry Sauce

An easy dessert, breakfast or dinner wrapped in a convenient handheld package. Creamy sweet Potatoes wrapped in a crispy shell and paired with a strawberry sauce. The combination is strange to say the least but it will be a winner in your book! Revamp the classic cinnamon and nutmeggy sweet potatoes with some agave and almond extract.   The addition of the strawberry sauce completes the dish in a crispy and chewy delight.   Sweet potatoes and strawberries........ Continue Reading

Creamy Spinach & Brazil Nut Sauce

BRAZILLLLLL NUTTSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes....that needed to be screamed...lol. All nuts are healthy but these guys.....are super duper special. Thyroid Health Lowers Cancer Risks High Selenium Immune Booster Improves Male Fertility Essential Minerals GI Health Treats Iodine Deficiency Improves cardiovascular health   But....let me explore that last one a little bit. It is actually the reason I chose to include these nuts in a recipe. Dr. Michael ... Continue Reading

Sweet “Heart” Potato Burger w/ Cranberry Beet Sauce

Valentine's day is a day of passion, romance, and love (or at least that is what it is intended to be). In reality, for most of us the day is filled with lots of heart shaped candy, chocolate and maybe a nice dinner date. Not as exciting as it could be huh?!? I made this Valentine's day burger to bring people out of the same V-day rut. This sweet potato burger is healthy, nutritious, cute and full of life, energy and compassion. The orange colors of the sweet potato infuse the meal bring ... Continue Reading